Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae | Nancy Martini


1980 - 1983        Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale


Professional Experiences

1983- 2008         Freelance Graphic Designer and Creative Director

2008 – Present Studio Artist

2014 Started The Green Hand Co.



Nancy Martini's work has been exhibited locally and internationally in group exhibits and solo exhibitions. The work exhibited contains a variety of mediums from papier-mâché to porcelain to reclaimed materials and textiles, but her passion for exploring ideas about environment and societal relationships has always been the common thread throughout her entire body of work.


March 2016 | Art Boca Raton, Boca Raton, FL

International Pavilion, “The Food Forest Collection” Sculptures, Weavings and Porecalin Vessels from "The Biscayne Bay Collection"


February 2015 | Ernest Coe Gallery, Homestead, FL

Everglades National Park “Biscayne Bay Collection” Utilitarian Botanical Vessels 

March 2014 | Palmetto Bay Municipal Center, Palmetto Bay, FL

"Biscyan Bay Collection" and "Botanical Study from Residency"

 April 2014 | Sustainatopia, Miami Beach, FL

Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, “Botanical Study” Botanical Sculptural Vessels and “The Food Forest Collection”


April 2014 | The Deering Estate, Miami, FL

‘In Deep’ Eco Art Exhibition, “Random Acts of Sustainability” Interactive Installation and “The Food Forest Collection”


March 2014 | National Endowment of the Arts – The Deering Estate, Miami, FL

Eco Residency working with native plants


January 2014 | Coral Gables Museum, Coral Gables, FL

“Accidental Beast” and “Ocean Drive”, Eco Sculptures and Paintings


January 2014 | Outsider Gallery, Cutler Bay, FL

“Lessons from the Dinner Table Collection”, Upcycled food containers to create paintings and sculptures


December 2013 | Solo Exhibition (Art Basel Week) at FLOR, Miami, FL

“The Food Forest Collection”, Multidisciplinary upcycled sculptures, paintings and earth art


November 2013| Solo Exhibition, Tropical Audubon Society, South Miami, FL

“The Food Forest Collection”, Multidisciplinary upcycled sculptures, paintings and earth art


June 2013 | International Biennale Artist Exhibition at IronSide, Miami, FL

“Erasing Barriers” Multidisciplinary upcycled sculptures


April 2013 | Blue Sphere, The Wynwood Exhibition Center, Wynwood, FL

Eco art exhibit  Upcycled Mixed Media Sculptures


April 2013 | Kontempo, Miami, FL

Upcycled Mixed Media Sculptures and Installation of “Random Acts of Sustainability”


January 2013 | Coral Gables Museum, Coral Gables, FL

Upcycled Mixed Media Sculptures


December 2012 GAB Studios, Wynwood, FL

Upcycled Mixed Media Sculptures


August 2012 | Eco China, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, China

Upcycled Mixed Media paintings


September 2012 | Art in Public Places, Surfside, FL

Outdoor Eco Sculpture


February 2012 | Artisan Lounge, Miami, FL

Upcycled Mixed Media Paintings and Encaustic Paintings


January 2012 | Wynwood Green, Wynwood, FL

Upcycled Mixed Media Paintings


October 2011 | Art Fallout, Girls Club Collection, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Beeswax Monoprint and Pencil Drawings


October 2011 - March 2012 Public Places Exhibition, Pinecrest, FL

Outdoor Eco Sculpture


May 2011 | Common Roots, Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, Miami Beach. FL

Encaustic Paintings of Native Plants


February - July 2011 | The Sketchbook Project 2

Traveling sketchbook exhibition to New York, Texas, Maine,Georgia, Washington DC, California, Illinois and Florida

Watercolor and pencil sketchbook about environmental issues


June 2010 | Divine Debris, Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, Miami Beach

Upcycled Mixed Media


June 2010 | Art in Public Places, Coconut Grove, FL

Outdoor Eco Sculpture


June 2010 | Form Space Atelier, Seattle, WA and NY

Mixed Media


March 2010 | Arte Americas, Miami Beach, FL

Encaustic Painting


March 2010 | The Space Between, Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY

Mixed Media


 January 2010 - May 2010 | The Sketchbook Project

Traveling Exhibit, Atlanta, GA, 303 Grand Brooklyn, NY, Art and Shelter Gallery,Los Angeles, CA,

Soulard Art Market, St. Louis, MO,Home Gallery, Chicago, IL

Eco Art in Watercolor and Pencil



August 2014 | National Endowment for the Arts Grant


September 2014 | Finalist, Martha Stewart – American Made

Porcelain “The Biscayne Bay Collection”




March – April 2014 | Artist Residency, The Deering Estate, Cutler Bay, FL




April 2012 | Arts of the Spirit, Swene Hall, Coral Gables, FL

Group exhibit exploring spirituality through art


Speaking/ Lectures and Educational Workshops


August 2014 | The Deering Estate, Cutler Bay, FL

P.L.A.Y. Day (Preservation, Learning, Adventure, Year-Round) 


May 2014 | The Deering Estate, Cutler Bay, FL

Young Arts and Music Festival

June 2012 | U.S. Green Building Council, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL


May 2012 | Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Pinecrest, FL


April 2012 | Pinecrest Gardens, Pinecrest, FL


February 2012 | Coral Gables Women’s Club, Coral Gables, FL


January 2012 | Wynwood Green, Wynwood, FL


April 2011 | Pinecrest Gardens, Pinecrest, FL


April 2011 | South Miami Rotary Club, South Miami, FL


Print Media


April 2013 | Community Newspaper, Key Biscyane, FL


February 2013 | Community Newspaper, South Miami, FL


February 2013 | Community Newspaper, Coral Gables, FL




April 2012 | ArtFest Magazine (Featured Artist)





August 2010 | uVu South Florida (WPBT2)





Perma Artist by James Ru

Featured artist interview with photographs of work



Online Periodical

Sunday Salon, NY, Nairobi, Chicago

Interview by Barbara Sueko McGuire




Alyson D’Amato



Civic and Community


Cultural Advisory Board, City of Coral Gables, FL

Environmental Committee Chairperson, Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, FL