Lessons From the Dinner Table Collection

With so many environment concerns, Nancy Martini started a collection using 95% reclaimed materials, mostly food containers to create a collection called: ‘Lessons from the Dinner Table.’ The paintings in the collection are all about the simple lessons learned and discussed around the dinner table and how it transcends into the basic foundation of how to treat each other, our community and our environment. For example: one piece titled, ‘Invite Peace to the Table’ explores the importance of having peace present during opposition in order to grow and to create change.


The base of each piece starts with old broken coat hangers that are wrapped with thin strips of aluminum cut from soda cans. Plastic bags are fused together to create the main base for the background structure. The rest of her work is treated like a weaving. Using wire, she weaves a pattern and then uses the structure to attach bottle caps and tabs, bit and pieces of plastic packaging, aluminum foil containers, and found objects that are finally carved, painted and manipulated to create a tapestry of intricately woven objects.


With this collection, Martini discovered that her work did bring awareness and became art as eco activism. She frequently exhibits her work at organizations where she uses the pieces as inspiration as she speaks about upcycling, planting indigenous species and the Coral Reef.


Because Nancy Martini is constantly exploring new materials, techniques and concepts, she works on more than one collection at a time including many art in public places pieces. However, all of her work focuses on environmental issues.