This collection was inspired by the quiet waters in Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida. These waters, close in proximity to urban life, I frequently kayak though to see dolphin, manatee and stingrays. Each vessel is handmade out of porcelain that is first worked on a potter's wheel then hand manipulated, fired in a kiln, glazed and fired a second time. The patterns on the vessels are individually carved and will not be replicated exactly the same way in another piece. I approach each piece as a sculpture taking sometimes hours to create as compare to many production potters who make their ware in a matter of minutes. 

Each white distress porcelain piece that Nancy Martini creates is one of a kind. The newer pieces will be added to my page titled new so that you can be the first to check it out!

Lots of exiting discoveries happen in my studio. Some of the work develops into a collection and then other pieces inspires me to go in a new direction. All of the work is based on the simple quest to bring awareness to the environment or to use materials that are upcycled or natural.

In addition to my studio finds you will also see 2nd strings. These pieces are slightly imperfect and completely lovable they just didn't make the cut for the quality of work you would expect from The Green Hand Co. Hiccups are part of the process of creating and discovery.  Luckily for you they are at the right price!