• How to Transition Thanksgiving decor to Christmas decor
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How to Transition Thanksgiving decor to Christmas decor

Wreaths transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas

Every year it seems that the time between Halloween and Christmas shortens. This year, I decided to embrace this by coming up with a plan to use the the same decorations for Thanksgiving as Christmas with just a few changes. To do this I had to think about what the key reasons were for why we think of the seasons differently. Color was the first thing that came to me as something easily identifiable and changeable.

Most Holidays have colors assigned to them for example: orange can take you from Halloween to Thanksgiving. You can stretch it even further by making your Halloween decorations more about harvest and fall, less about scaring small children. For Christmas, all you have to do is switch out the orange for red, white or green and you are good to go. The base of the decorations can be white and shades of grey, brown and green. 

Pictured is an image of a wreath I made. The first one starts with an ordinary dried grapevine wreath. Cut wood slices are branded with a wood burner to spell out the word "Thanks." After Thanksgiving, I removed the wood pieces, added branches clipped from my Christmas tree, red berries, porcelain Christmas ornaments, a large twig snowflake and changed the ribbon from orange to red.

I will take the wreaths down after christmas, but then keep the red ribbon out for Valentine's Day. 

Using color as my main decorating component is so simple, I can't believe it has taken me so long do this.


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