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Tips for Greening up your Business

Sometimes just getting through a single day is hard enough for small businesses. Adding green components can seem overwhelming, however more and more customers now question best green practices and make buying decisions based on how your merchandise is it sourced, where is it coming from and want to know if it is it healthy or unhealthy. 

Peter Malik, managing director of corporate engagement at The Nature Conservancy,  offers a few tips for incorporating sustainability into your business from starting with small changes to being transparent with your customers.

For example: if you want to make your business more eco-conscious, but you’re not sure where to start, take a step back, make a list of the three largest resources your business relies on and focus on those. For example, electricity, paper and fuel (for transporting your products). “You can’t change everything on day one,” Peter says. “Pick the one or two or three resources that really matter the most and get as educated as possible on their impact on the environment.”

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  • Nancy Martini
  • eco business

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