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Eco Artist Nancy Martini's Studio


I find it interesting that so many people want to peek inside an artist's studio. Because I need to move around I work in five different places. First, I have a warehouse studio where I rent the front corner from fellow artist Karla Caprali. In this space, I love to talk to Karla and other artists that come in and its the place where I meet my clients and have open studio nights. The warehouse studio is also where I glaze all of my porcelain so that the chemicals are all in one place.

In my home, I have three spaces were I work depending on the medium. My main studio is adjacent to my kitchen where I work on my computer, my drawing table and have storage for my many sketchbooks and fabric dyeing. It is divided by two Dade County Pine garage doors that I saved from a dumpster. The doors work well to hide my studio and the projects that I am in the middle of. The doors are also what I use as my backdrop for some of my photography.

Outside, I have an simple outdoor space that houses my potters wheel and a heated table used for working in encaustics. The outdoor space is necessary for the messiness of porcelain and the dust that is created from dry wares. The outside area can easily be hosed down into the grass easily reducing the dust. Being outdoors also allows me to be in my garden with my native flowers and trees.

When it is raining or lighting and I need to throw on the potter's wheel, I head over to the Ceramic League of Miami. If a class is not going on, I can work on one of the wheels there. Sometimes I throw at the league just for a change of pace and to be around other potters. Working on the wheel is new to me so there is so much more that I need to learn. I have the advantage of working as a graphic designer, illustrator, painter and sculpture in other mediums so it reflective in my work even though I am new to porcelain.

The last space I use is in my kiln room (aka the garage). My kiln room is where I fire all of my porcelain and fused glass my kilns. 


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  • Nancy Martini

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