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  • Nancy Martini
Martha Stewart Selects Finalist Nancy Martini | The Green Hand Co.

When I opened my email to see that I was chosen as one of Martha Stewarts's finalists, I was overjoyed! Just a week before, I was looking for a recipe when I came across Martha Stewart's American Made contest.

As a Graphic Designer, I have always felt that Martha Stewart Living was a beautifully designed magazine and when I saw that the winner would be featured in the magazine, I decided to enter my porcelain in the craft category of ceramics and glass. Nine winners will also receive $10,000, a video of the winner along with a trip to New York. Yes, the cash would help me hire a photographer, help with production and equipment that I need, but more than anything I want to be in Martha Stewart Living's magazine! 

The tenth winner is an audience's choice. Starting September 15th anyone online can vote for their favorite American Made Company. There are so many interesting people that are nominated for the award. I hope you will check it out and I hope you like my work enough to choose me! Here is the link to see the contest. Thanks!!!

  • Nancy Martini

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  • Sep 01, 2014

    Wow Nancy! So thrilled for you!! Good Luck

    — Linda DiDomizio

  • Aug 31, 2014

    Congratulations Nancy! You are so talented and love to see your creativity recognized !

    — Elise

  • Aug 31, 2014

    Congratulations – I always knew you were talented!

    — Diane

  • Aug 30, 2014

    Way to go Nancy! You’re so talented and it’s great to see you get recognition for all that you do!!

    — Erin

  • Aug 30, 2014

    Thanks Andrea!!! I will need every vote I can get. There is so many wonderful and interesting companies competing. I am glad I found the contest and could be a part of it.

    — Nancy Martini

  • Aug 29, 2014
    So thrilled to see this congratulations Nancy, I’ll be voting for you . I collect t beautiful serving bowls and yours is one of my favorites !

    — Andrea

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