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Small Stuff

"If you can't make it beautiful, make it big." This quote is always on my mind when I am creating art. Especially now that I am creating really small pieces to add to my line of distressed porcelain, "The Biscayne Bay Collection." 

Some of my new pieces are as small as 1.5" in diameter. Even though they are small, they are actually harder to throw on a potter's wheel because there is nothing much to hold on to. The small bowls surprisingly taught me something new... how to throw on the 'hump'! Throwing on the hump is where you take a large amount of clay and then work off just the top of the clay mass to create small pieces in succession without having to reload clay on the wheel.

The the small vessels also created the question about what to put in them. I learned that they can hold things of great importance (a wedding ring) to a tiny taste of something decadent. The tiny bowls have introduced me to Tasting Parties and May Day doorknob flower vases, both of which I have added to my life.

Check out my tiny vessels and hopefully they will find a small place in your life to make it beautiful.


  • Nancy Martini
  • eco arthandmadeporcelainpottery

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